Saturday, May 7, 2011

Compatibilism: Voluntary Trepanning, Anyone?

I see only two ways out of a belief in an omnipotent God that can will things into existence just like that, with...hmmmm...the snap of a divine neuron?

  1. Postulate eternal unbreakable laws
  2. Abandon the idea of ex nihilo nihil fit
    (out of nothing comes nothing)

If you choose 1 but not also 2, then you must abandon Free Will.

And I reject any nonsense about Free Will proposed by so called compatiblists. Did I just remove your favorite chess move? Tough luck! Nonsense is nonsense. If you're interested in political polemics feel free to move your pieces striagonally. What is striagonally? Don't ask me, ask a compatibilist. Striagonality is as mysterious to me as voluntary trepanning.

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Anonymous said...

ha... there's a great trepanning reference in the original ghostbusters. egon gets passive aggressive towards ray for stopping him from trying it.